lauren williams

"Stay hungry

and get your

mind right."

I focus on strength and stability with a smack of HIIT to get that heart rate up during your workout. I want my clients to know they are truly progressing over time, and I want them to always be learning about their own bodies, so they know when to push, when to pull back, and when to change it up.


Lauren's Schedule

What drives you as a trainer?

Helping people overcome physical and mental barriers.

What workout move do you swear by?

Squats + deadlifts. All day.

Best quick lunch in NYC?

Sweetgreen is my jam. If I have time to enjoy the moment a bit more, Peace Food is everything.

Current obsession?

Podcasts + snowboarding.

What’s your passion project?

I recently launched a project with my sister called the Social Justice T-Shirt Project. We’re collaborating with artists to create t-shirts that speak to many different social issues, so we can get people talking and working towards solutions.