what up, nolita?

We’re PROJECT by Equinox, where New York’s top trainers gather to break all the rules of boutique fitness. We smash the norm in every class category—from HIIT to dance and beyond—in a stunning space that inspires sweat. Drop into tomorrow’s addictive workout, today. 



we had more

ideas than places

to use them

Then we had a vision: a space where our passions call the shots. Where we can innovate, collaborate, burn the rule book, and strip everything to the core, creating projects that challenge you to move differently, and live differently.

This is our story—and yours.

This is PROJECT by Equinox.

Fitness trainers with a passion
Fitness trainers with a passion

our way

Fitness without rules
Stay wild. Jump fences and blaze trails. Be open, be curious. Rawness and imperfection mean there’s work in progress. The future has no format—it’s shaped only by the risks we take.

Passion is powerful. It also can be scary. It’s totally not practical. Ignore your passion at your own risk. Feed your passion with a project, and you’ll never be the same.

We left this blank on purpose. The next idea is yours.