adam sanford

"In struggle comes strength"

As a professional dancer I was lucky enough to perform in productions across the U.S., including the Broadway company of Wicked. That's when I realized the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy body, and when I decided that health and wellness was where I wanted to be. My belief that movement is a lifestyle led me to create ASF, a successful NY-based fitness method. I founded ASF on the idea that fitness is self-love, and that the effort you put into your workouts will make you better on the inside and the out. I draw on my experiences as a dancer and trainer to create workouts that are unique and inspiring. 


Adam's Schedule

What drives you as a trainer?

My clients drive me. I love watching them grow stronger and accomplish things they never thought they could. 

What workout move do you swear by?

I swear by planks. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with them, but I've seen their many benefits both firsthand and with my clients. 

Best quick lunch in NYC?

Juice Press or Juice Generation. I train clients all over the city and often don't have time to sit down. They let me get something quick to take on the subway.

Current obsession?

Soccer, tennis and the Korean Spa 

What’s your passion project?

Starting my own business. It has given me such a sense of inner strength and accomplishment, and it's let me be creative in a totally new way.