bec donlan

"be real."

Growing up in Australia, my love of fitness was first rooted in my belief in healthy nutrition. I created my own successful Personal Training business that inspired a fun, cheeky and holistic approach to fitness. My training approach is to believe in the attainable, to set realistic goals, and to always recognize that everyone is different. I put a strong emphasis on functional training, and love incorporating everything from booty bands to weights.


Bec's Schedule

What drives you as a trainer?

My clients. I see them as my own mini-projects and I love it. When they achieve, I achieve, and there’s no better feeling.

What workout move do you swear by?

Booty band bicycles! Yeooooooow.

Best quick lunch in NYC?

Hu Kitchen or Juice Press. Both cater to my weird dietary needs and keep me on point when on the go.

Current obsession?

Collagen peptides. I add these bad boys to everything! They improve skin, hair and add protein to the diet.

What’s your passion project?

Everything I do. I’ve really learned over the last couple of years to only take on projects I absolutely love.