elysia cronheim

"Unleash your inner superhero."

I started as a trained actor who was obsessed with stunt work, sci-fi, and being the onscreen superhero. I’ve maintained that superhero drive in my training style. Training should be fun—but also fill you with the power you know you have. I work with elements of HIIT, lifting, body-weight training, and sustained cardio endurance. People come to me to change the way they look, but once they get addicted to being strong, the world becomes their playground.


Elysia's Schedule

What drives you as a trainer?

People don’t realize how much they love being strong until they feel it for themselves. I know how to get people to that next level and I want to share that success.

Best quick lunch in NYC?

Deli salad bars are underrated! Great way to pick up some easy extra protein.

Current obsession?

All things Ninja Warrior. I love anything that defies the laws of gravity.

What’s your passion project?

My personal passion project is breaking through my obstacle course race plateau—and I’m trying to bring my own passion project into my circles to create more of a race community.