gerren liles

Project by Equinox Trainer - Gerren Liles

"It’s not what you

look at that matters,

it’s what you see."

"It's not what

you look at

that matters, it's

what you see."

I'm an Equinox master instructor and ReebokONE Elite ambassador now in my 8th year in the fitness industry. I was motivated to enter this field to help others lead healthier lives and surpass the limits of what they believe is possible. My prior career in public education instilled in me a desire to create community, be innovative in my programming, and leaves me continually inspired when I see others make progress. My look belies my personality. I can intimidate people at first glance, but I can vary between being very serious and very goofy. I value authenticity in expression, from myself and others.


Gerren's Schedule

What drives you as a trainer?

Seeing my clients do things they couldn't do before and becoming more attuned to their bodies.

What workout move do you swear by?

Sprints!! One of the best exercises to make you lean and powerful!

Best quick lunch in NYC?

Hu Kitchen, bar none.

Current obsession?

The CoreHammer... such a versatile tool that helps build shoulder mobility, upper body strength and control, safe to use, and I can hit things to relieve stress LOL.

What’s your passion project?

Ummm, PROJECT, duh :-)