kirsty godso

Trainer - Kristy Godso

"if you want it

go get it"

Fitness was my first passion project. I studied Finance and Marketing, but my entire degree revolved around my workout schedule, so it didn’t take long to do the math. High Intensity Interval Training is really where my heart lies—I’m talking authentic HIIT that makes you want to be sick and smile all at the same time. I love that my job allows me to share my passion with others. Training has taken me all over the world, and everyone I’ve met has inspired a more fluent understanding of people’s relationships with health and exercise.


Kirsty's Schedule

What drives you as a trainer?

Good people, good music and great training gear!

What workout move do you swear by?

Pull ups!

Best quick lunch in NYC?

The Little Beet Table

Current obsession?

Basketball socks

What’s your passion project?

Creating workouts that affect the way people feel about fitness. I want it to be an experience every single time.